Thursday, November 17, 2011

Red Bull Canimation

I've recently entered the Red Bull Canimation competition!
You can view my entry here. <- Click me

Voting is now live so please leave comments, likes and share with your friends in order to help me out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Perplexing Update

I'm starting to wonder if dust had been the culprit for the disc not being read. Why it would only affect that one disc though I do not know.
I dusted out my disc drive tray with an anti-static brush and it's read the Stuff Pack disc without issue ever since.
So, unless there is a 'next time' the issue is solved.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have nowhere better to put this so I may as well type it out here.
Last Saturday I purchased The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff Pack for The Sims 3 PC game.
When I got home I found my laptop wouldn't read the disk. Wanting to make sure it was the disk and not my laptop I tried a few other game and DVD disks. All of them ran fine.
I then decided to try the faulty disk on the old family laptop and to my surprise it read the disk without issue and autorun popped up to tell me that I needed to install The Sims 3 before I could install the Stuff Pack.
I was now very confused but decided it would probably be best if I returned the disk and exchanged it. This is what I did yesterday.
When I got home I tried the new disk with the same results as before, the disk couldn't be read. Why?! I tried it on the old laptop again and all ran fine like the previous time.
I decided that if my laptop couldn't read the disk then I could install the game by copying the contents of the disk onto my external hard-drive and install from there.
During the copying process I had the laptop give me the blue screen of death once and then tell me that the disk I was copying from was empty! I panicked thinking I had somehow erased the disk. After rebooting the machine again I found the disk was fine and continued to copy over the contents.
Before I attempted to install the copied files to my own laptop I thought to try the disk one more time. I have no idea why but I did anyway knowing full well it wouldn't work. I was wrong! The disk drive made a few odd clicking and crunching noises as it had done whenever it had failed before but this time autorun popped up and started the install process.
So to anyone who was bored enough to read through all of this entry, could it be possible that the errors on the family laptop did something to the disk to allow my own laptop to read it?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Makeover Shows

I think I'd like to go on one of those makeover shows. I'd be curious to see what could be done and how different I might look.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Contact Lenses

I'm wearing a pair right now!

My word do I need more practice at putting them in though. It must have taken me 15 entire minutes earlier. Not great if I want to pop a pair in before work in the morning.

I'm still not entirely convinced that I've got the left one in properly though as my vision keeps bluring slightly from time to time and I want to rub my eye. Thankfully I am resisting the urge quite well.

I think I'll go take a look in a mirror in a few minutes if it's not calmed down by then.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I think I have two rather different ones.

This thought struck me today whilst I was out walking before work.

When ever it comes to situations which require someone to take responsability or take charge I become very child like and wait for somebody else to do it and then immediately fall in behind them following instructions.

When ever I see somebody nearby acting childish or fooling around my immediate thought is usually "Oh, grow up will you." Then followed by the realisation that they are probably just having a bit of fun and since it isn't harming anyone why should I care anyway?

No real reason to this post. I just wanted to get that thought out of my head.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EA Customer Support is WANK!

I emailed them about a technical problem which they told me was gameplay related and to chat to players on the forums about it.
I told them I had done and knew it was technical.
They told me it was gameplay related and to talk to players on the forums.
I told them again that I already had done and gave them steps to reproduce it.
They went quiet on me for 5 days so I emailed asking if they were investigating it.
They told me the issue was game play and to talk on the forums.
I told them it was technical and gave the steps again.
They admitted it was technical and said they would investigate the issue.
I got a message two days later telling me there was nothing to do as it was my computer that didn't meet the specs, not something wrong with the game.

Why did they not just ask for my computer specs in the first place?! Gah!