Sunday, May 17, 2009


As part of the marketing campain by EA for the new Sims 3 game due for release on June 2nd (5th in the UK) SimSocial has been released. It's basically a mini-game on the web.
You start by creating a Sim from a few limited options and then basically follow them through their life. All of the events appear on a PDA/mobile phone type interface. Unless you are already into the Sims franchise then this could become very boring very quickly. I'm finding it a very enjoyable time waster though. My Sim has already got a hmself a girlfriend which has unlocked the ability to spend the evening having a romantic meal or watching a romantic movie. The fact that she is a kleptomaniac doesn't seem to have shown any effect yet but she has helped him to get a better job. Well, same thing but different place with better pay.

If you want to go and check it out then you can do here> SimSocial

One last thing, you will need an EA account to play and save your game. If you don't have one then it lets you create one when you begin.

P.S. Save often! It seems to force you to take a ten minute break roughly every Sim fortnight and the autosave doesn't always work. Even if it says it does.