Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EA Customer Support is WANK!

I emailed them about a technical problem which they told me was gameplay related and to chat to players on the forums about it.
I told them I had done and knew it was technical.
They told me it was gameplay related and to talk to players on the forums.
I told them again that I already had done and gave them steps to reproduce it.
They went quiet on me for 5 days so I emailed asking if they were investigating it.
They told me the issue was game play and to talk on the forums.
I told them it was technical and gave the steps again.
They admitted it was technical and said they would investigate the issue.
I got a message two days later telling me there was nothing to do as it was my computer that didn't meet the specs, not something wrong with the game.

Why did they not just ask for my computer specs in the first place?! Gah!