Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Shift

I've had my first shift at The Co-operative now. It was a six (6) hour shift and went a lot quicker than I expected. I suppose because I was kept busy I didn't have time to get bored. I started at 10:30am and finished at 5:00pm just in time to catch my bus home.

I didn't get too cold but I was wearing a vest! It was one of my dad's. I haven't worn a vest since I was about six years old. You could see it through my shirt as well. Nobody said anything though.

I was kept busy 'facing' the shelves, checking stock 'sell by' dates and reducing the prices of anything that needed to be reduced.

My next shift is Friday.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The World of Work

I shall be entering it soon.

Today I completed my induction for The Co-operative Group and I officially have my first shift on Wednesday. Apparently I will be getting trained up in the chillers section. I hope it's not too cold.

Thankfully it's not an early start so thats a plus.