Sunday, November 06, 2005

I have links!

At last, after much experimenting and frustration, I finally have a links section in the sidebar! You can now visit Neopets, Sims 2, the Beano, Derek, Molyan and Fat Tony all from the comfort of a click of the mouse without all the timely google searching.
In other news, the lad in intensive care after the hexopus attack is now fit and well again. Let's hope they can keep it contained from now on.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Attack update.

Aren't my post titles imaginative? They've never been a strong point of mine. Anyway, to the news! I said I'd let you know if I found anything more about the hexopus and I have!
Here is the cover of our local newspaper, "The Daily Blah"

The article went on to say that it was found when the lad managed to claw his way to a nearby observatory with the hexopus still clinging on. He's apparently now in intensive care at the local hospital where his heart beat reading is said to look like a squid. Let's all hope he pulls through.