Monday, October 12, 2009

Spore Hero and Scribblenauts

Well I finally bought Spore Hero on Friday when it was released. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I was puzzled on the second level for a while before I realised there was a whole section of the area that I hadn't tried to investigate yet!

I also bought myself Scribblenauts for my DS. An odd little game this one. You are given a task or a situation and must then solve it by writing object or creature names into a pad which then spawns them in the game world for use.
Got a tree to chop down? Type the word 'axe' and your character can then use it to chop it down. Type 'lumberjack' and he'll pick up the axe and do the work for you.
This one gets frustrating at times trying to figure out how to solve a level. I can see myself needing a guide for it at some point.