Sunday, November 11, 2007

Festival of Fire

Whats this? An update? Never. But wait, my word, it is!

At last I have something to update my blog with. I have pictures too if I can remember where I put them.

On the 27th of October I went to Welshampton for a Festival of Fire. Apparently its an annual event that has been put on for the past 5 years or so. It has a theme and everything! I found out about it from one of the people helping to organise it who is a student on the Illustrator course at the university I go to.

This year's theme was Greek mythology, more specifically the tale of Medusa and Perseus. It started out with a short performance on a little stage telling of how Pegasus was born from the severed head of Medusa. I don't know how technically accurate that is but it was good fun to watch. This was followed by a small lantern parade to the bonfire which was a huge wooden model of Pegasus. I would say that it was at least 20 feet tall!

Before it was lit the story continued and a fight waged between Pegasus and the Chimera. It was wonderful to watch. The Chimera was mounted on a cherrypicker so that it was all articulated and could move around Pegasus. I couldn't take any pictures though because the camera didn't pick it up well. I did get some video though. Shall I try and add it here? I can see a video button. I'll see if it works....

There we go. Looks like it worked. I hope you enjoy watching it. If you look closely you can see Perseus stood on Pegasus' back. It helps show how big Pegasus was. About ten seconds after I stopped filming, the Chimera was defeated and retreated "off stage".

Finally Pegasus was set alight to allow him to take his place with the Gods because of his bravery when fighting. Perseus, however, was cast down because he only had selfish interests at heart. It was a wonderful end to a fantastic evening!

Thats all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading and watching this post. Toodles.