Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spore Creature Creator

Hello people. I live once again! No, I haven't risen from the grave.
I'm just here to test something out. I've recently created a Spore account because I downloaded the Spore Creature Creator. Its fab! I have the demo at the moment but should hopefully be buying the full version this weekend providing my local Gamestation get some copies in. Its only a fiver which most places will refund when you purchase Spore later this year.
I just want to see if I can add a widgety thing her for you to see my creations. Fingers crossed it works.

Um, yay!? It sorta worked and you should still be able to get to my account by clicking somewhere in the above jumbled mess. You might actually need an account first though.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Double Dream Entry

Here are two dreams that I have had recently. One from a week ago and one from this morning.

I wasn't in my first dream. Usually I am in my own dreams but not this time. The setting was some sort of Venice type place. There were pavements but no roads, just water instead. I was aware that there was a young woman with dark blue/black hair who was out hunting down vampires. These vampires where only going after members of though for some reason. As she rounded a corner she saw a vampire flee after it had just bitten a dA victim. The vampire was white with pale eyes and long white tangly hair as well.
The woman raced over to the victim to see if he was okay. He was alive and so she quickly helped him to his feet and then pulled him back to the corner where she had come from. As the young man leant against the wall the woman took out a touch pad screen about the size of a laptop monitor. On it was displayed the deviantART website. She was using it to work out who the next victim would most likely be. On display was the page of a deviant that I had actually looked at the night before.
As she was viewing her monitor the young man bagan to undergo a transformation in which his build became more muscular, he gained a few inches in height and his skin turned a pale shade of purple. His hair remained blond. On the end of his left arm, instead of a hand, he had a sort of bio-gun/cannon. I also remember it glowed red inside.
The woman spotted this just in time and leapt backwards out of the way narrowly missing a heavy blow from the guy's right fist. She landed on some railings above the water which she used to launch herself from towards the male. She knocked him over and took aim at his mouth with a small gun barrel-like item she had strapped to the back of her right wrist. She fired and out came what looked like a miniature red steak (the wooden kind, not the meat kind). It entered his mouth but had no effect. He then managed to utter that she needed to aim for his eye. She did so and after she fired and pierced his eye I think I woke up at this point. I assume that the transformation was reversed and that she went on in search of the vampires but I don't know.

I was in the second dream I had.
At the start I think I was about ten or eleven years old. I was out in the playground of a school which I had been to in two dreams previous. I made my way to an old disused assembly hall on the opposite side of the playground that was now just storage space. I managed to open the door and went inside. The other children where telling me to come out as I wasn't supposed to be in there and would get in trouble if a teacher found me. I ignored them, hid when a teacher came past and then ventured further inside.
The next thing I remember is being inside some sort of logic puzzle fun house. I was my actual age now (21) and Heather was with me. We were both trying to make our way out and Heather was doing better than I was. Every now and again two business men would show up, hint at the next direction to take, ask if I had any questions and then leave before I had chance to say anything. The one who did all the talking was quite tall, had black hair and looked very efficient. The other man was shorter, had blond hair and seemed a bit bumbling.
Eventually I made my way out of the "fun house" and into a small town square with a church opposite me. I didn't know where Heather had gone until I saw her exiting the church. She had been thrown out for laughing and talking too much. Very out of character. I decided that I wanted to see inside the church and wasn't going to let Heather stop me.
I stepped inside and sat down on a pew. The other pews where full of elderly women all listening to another elderly woman stood at the front giving a speach. Next to the door where I had entered there was a small tombola. After a short while I started to get very bored of the whole thing which was when Heather came into the church once more. Although I was very bored I gave her a look which said "Don't you spoil this for me. I'm not getting kicked out because of you."
The next thing I remember is walking away from the church with my mum and dad. Charlotte wasn't with us for some reason but it was as though I could sense her instead. We walked to the edge of the town and then out into the countryside. As we were walking we met a man with his wife and son. I must have been younger again in this part of my dream because their son looked to be around fifteen or sixteen and I felt he was about the same age as me. They asked us if we knew of any places they could stay. We said we did and lead them to a large B&B.
This B&B and its surrounding land, paths, fences and gates had been in a previous dream in which we had stayed there ourselves. Time had passed now though and the place was run down and falling to pieces. It seems nobody had lived there for quite some time. We apologised to the family and all carried on walking along a path leading from the B&B. We soon came to an iron gate that was padlocked shut. We decided that the only way around was to climb over the fence. It wasn't too high or difficult. We then came to a wooden gate that was padlocked shut and the surrounding fence was made of barbed wire. There were two dips in the fence either side the gate that looked as though people has passed over them before. We all started to climb over and suprisingly didn't have any problems. Charlotte also joined us at this part of the dream as she was the last to climb over. (These gates where both padlocked the previous time I dreamt of this location and we had to climb over them then.)
The other family now seemed to have left us and we could see the end of a cul-de-sac. The problem was that it was fenced off with red and white striped tape and there where builders everywhere keeping watch. We didn't want the builders to see us as it meant they would know we'd been passsed all the locked gates. They were obviously locked for a reason and we didn't want to get into trouble.
Just then Charlotte decided she needed the toilet and ran for the nearest house. The builders didn't seem to notice her. Mum and dad then followed her lead and they didn't get stopped either. I really didn't need the toilet though so I waited until the builders weren't looking and then ran to a small barn-like building that was attached to the house everyone else had run into.
"I'll just sit here on the steps then." I thought to myself. I then noticed another boy sat on a bale of hay. I assumed he lived in the house and I got the feeling that he really resented me being there. It felt very uncomfortable but then I woke up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spam Poison

See that little button banner thingie under the blog description? Thats there to stop bots from grabbing email addresses on this blog and on any sites my blog links to.
I'm not sure how it all works but apparently it traps the bot and sends it a near endless list of fake email addresses making any list that it has gathered completely useless.
Sounds good in my book.
If you want to get your own then just click on the button to go to there site.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Flip me! Its so foggy outside right now. Its that bad that I thought my window was steamed up until I opened it and found that my vision didn't get any better. Its as though everything has been covered in an translucent sheet of white.
I'm going to go out in this later as well.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


My own mini city!
Visit Stairston here.
I'm the only inhabitant at the time of writing this but hopefully if people visit then the city will grow and become something great.
You can use the blue blob in the lower right corner to move around.
There's a permanent link to Starston in the Links section as well.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Echo, echo, echo, cho, cho, o, o, o...

Long time since I've posted anything here.
Just thought I should do something here again so I'm about to attempt to add a Gaia VJ playlist thing. If it doesn't work then I'll probably delete this post too as it'll be pointing something out that don't exist.

EDIT: Well it did and didn't work. It showed up but covered half of my posts and my shoutboard so its gone again now.