Monday, August 28, 2006

Lucid Dreams

Has anybody reading this ever had one? Or more? I'd love to know if you have. For those looking and wondering what I am on about, a lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware you are dreaming. O_o Supposedly it is also possible to take control and alter your dreams, and yourself, as you see fit.
I was reading a website on the topic about a week ago and I have remembered a dream from every night since! They aren't lucid dreams but I'm remembering my dreams a lot more often now. Before I would remember maybe two or three a month then go for a spell without knowing I'd been dreaming and then have a few more dreams again. It's been kinda odd remembering one every night.
I always write my dreams down if I can remember them but with all this dreaming recently it takes quite a while in a morning to get them down on paper. I'm thinking I could maybe adapt a few to use as storylines for my animation course. :)
Here's a quick example of the sort of dreams my brain cunjours up:
I'm in class with a teacher I hate but don't actually know. She gives me detention for hitting a kid, who has his arm in plaster, who was annoying me by trying to steal my book. He doesn't get punished. I go home and get ready to return for detention. When I head back I'm being driven in the front of a lorry cab with a young girl and older man. I am aware they are team mates, from where I don't know. It is my mission to break into the school, which now seems to be a scientific research facility, and photograph the class blackboard. To aid me I am given an invisibility suit! (Cool!) I get to the classroom and take the pictures. But before I leave the teacher who I hate turns up so I activate the invisibility my suit and stand still. As soon as I move to escape the suit malfunctions and the teacher can see me! (Oh no!) Just then a woman on a motorbike stops outside a window on a ramp. [about 10 floors up!] I jump out of the window and onto the back of the bike where we ride to safety and I wake up.
The thing that stayed with me about the woman on the bike was that her hair was like fire. All orange and yellowy and it continually blew behind her even when there wasn't wind.
As I said, that was a QUICK example and I went into more detail than that when I was writing it up originally. Are any of your dreams as weird? Anyway....

Thank you for flying with Menaceman airways. I hope you enjoyed this brief excursion into my mind.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

DeviantArt Pastie

Time for a long overdue update I think. It's not much but if you look down in the lefthand sidebar, well THE sidebar, you should now see a DeviantArt Pastie which, while NOT being an appetizing snack or small meal (sorry Fat Tony), WILL show three top pictures from each day! I would have chosen to show my own art work but I have to be subscribed for that, which I'm not :( Still, it gives you a glimpse of what great work there is there without having to visit if you don't have time or don't want to.
I hope it proves useful for all visitors to this 'ere blog.
Over and out.