Thursday, September 07, 2006

Uni Work

Ok. Do I usually start posts with "ok"? I don't know. Do I really care? Uuum, no.
Anyway, this is just a quick post to let you all see some of my work I have done for university. By "some" I mean two pieces. I have done more but it's not all on the net. I really should have finished it all by now but you know how the internet is; it sucks in your soul and never lets go! *shakes fist at internet*
Above is a link to Blake and he is a sk8r kid. Ha! Look at me using text speak. I need to come up with a story for him to feature in and so far I have NO ideas! OH NOES! No, really. I have no ideas and just under two weeks to draw out his story board! I have drawn a sheet of his expressions though.
Blake Expressions
If any of you have any ideas of what he could get up to and don't mind me using those ideas then could you please suggest them in the comments? I really need something to give me an idea. Oh yeah and it has to involve "emotion".
I thought I said this was going to be a quick post? Why did non of you interupt me? WHY?! Ah never mind. I'm just off to go and hit my head against a brick, or possibly stone, wall until I get an idea.... or concussion, whichever comes first. Wish me luck.

Oh by the way, you have Fat Tony to thank for me posting this update. He asked in the shoutbox if he could see some of my work.